Servarr Integration

bitmagnet’s HTTP server exposes an endpoint at /torznab, allowing it to integrate with any application that supports the Torznab specification, most notably apps in the Servarr stack (Prowlarr, Sonarr, Radarr etc.).

Adding bitmagnet as an indexer in Prowlarr

To get started, open your Prowlarr instance, click “Add Indexer”, and select “Generic Torznab” from the list.

Prowlarr Add Indexer

The required settings are fairly basic. Assuming you’ve adapted from the example docker-compose file, and Prowlarr is on the same Docker network as bitmagnet, then Prowlarr should be able to access the Torznab endpoint of your bitmagnet instance at http://bitmagnet:3333/torznab. No further configuration should be needed, just click the “Test” button to ensure everything is working.

Prowlarr configure bitmagnet

Depending on your Prowlarr configuration, the bitmagnet indexer should now be synced to your other *arr applications. Alternatively, you can add bitmagnet as an indexer directly in those applications, following the same steps as above.