Reprocess & Reclassify Torrents

The classifier is being updated regularly, and to reclassify already-crawled torrents you’ll need to run the CLI and queue them for reprocessing.

See Running the CLI

For context: after torrents are crawled or imported, they won’t show up in the UI straight away. They must first be “processed” by the job queue. This involves a few steps:

  • The classifier attempts to classify the torrent (determine its content type, and match it to a known piece of content)
  • The search index for the torrent is built
  • (In future there’s likely to be other steps here, such as running rule-based actions)
  • The torrent content record is saved to the database

The reprocess command will re-queue torrents to allow the latest updates to be applied to their content records.

To reprocess all torrents in your index, simply run bitmagnet reprocess. If you’ve indexed a lot of torrents, this will take a while, so there are a few options available to control exactly what gets reprocessed:

  • apisDisabled: Disable API calls during classification. This makes the classifier run a lot faster, but disables identification with external services such as TMDB (metadata already gathered from external APIs is not lost).
  • contentType: Only reprocess torrents of a certain content type. For example, bitmagnet reprocess --contentType movie will only reprocess movies. Multiple content types can be comma separated, and null refers to torrents of unknown content type.
  • orphans: Only reprocess torrents that have no content record.
  • classifyMode: This controls how already matched torrents are handled.
    • default: Only attempt to match previously unmatched torrents
    • rematch: Ignore any pre-existing match and always classify from scratch (A torrent is “matched” if it’s associated with a specific piece of content from one of the API integrations, currently only TMDB)

*hints tell the classifier to use the hinted information instead of any classification results, which can save a lot of work for the classifier and help fix errors. Currently, the only way to add hints is by using the /import endpoint.